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Woodstock '69

Woodstock '69


Love. Passion. Obsession.

Have you heard a bird singing at night?

Often that a ray of moonlight, lightning lightly browned, spilling, spreading between the mystery of the foliage reaches the branch where the little bird nestled asleep and awake. It is the dawn, and imagines the bird. But it sings.

Then if the bird is what is called a balanced and strong bird, it discovers its deception, the peak collapses again in the warmth of the feathers and goes back to sleep.

However, little birds there, uneasy and fragile, for whom the moonlight has a spell power. And after singing, jumping and flying just stunned, as it is the day you arrived, he soon lost in the dark, or drown in a lake lit by the pale glimmer of gold or break your chest to spines same rose bloom that could listen to hours after his best trills and ignite their most delirious joy.

What is lightning, poison some souls awake at night steals the morning and drowned in a life of darkness?